Matala Bio-Active Stone 5.5″

Matala Bio-Active Stone 5.5 Inch - MBAS-55 - jDLuy5NQmuP4DMjy2sRA_MBAS-55 Sale!
Matala Bio-Active Stone 5.5 Inch - MBAS-55 - jDLuy5NQmuP4DMjy2sRA_MBAS-55

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Matala Bio-Active Stone 5.5″

Matala Bio-Active stones act as a final stage water polisher that improve water quality by slowly shedding their minerals into the water increasing the water’s mineral content and stabilising pH. Matala Bio-Active Stone is a final stage filtration media made of specially selected minerals that are bound together under a high temperature manufacturing process, creating a product that is tightly bound yet open pored to allow excellent water flow through the entire stone. They can be added inside the Matala Biosteps filter or any other biological filtration system or be put directly into a pond where there is water movement. They’re commonly used in Bakki shower filtration systems and Koi ponds in Asia because they’re an excellent product for improving water quality and providing a better environment for your fish. Material SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, Cao, Mgo K2O, Na2O Size per piece 5.5 x 3.5 inch (14cm x 9cm) 27 pieces (14.5kg) per box. Approx dose rate when used for stablising PH is 5kg/1000L or 2.5kg/1000L when used for mineral enrichment and polishing. (Dose rate will vary according to individual ponds). Matala Bio-Active stones take years to breakdown making them an ideal long term investment for the health of your fish.


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