Biosteps 10 Biological Filter with 18w UV Clarifier

Matala Biosteps 10 Filter with 18w UV Clarifier Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Matala Biosteps 10 Filter with 18w UV Clarifier Clearwater Lakes and Ponds

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Matala Biosteps 10 with 18w UV Clarifier

The Matala Biosteps 10 biological filter takes full advantage of the benefits of Matala progressive filtration media in a compact, easy to maintain design. The Biosteps 10 has close to 19 square metres of available surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. This is a touch less than the Oase Biotec 10/Biosmart 30,000 filter system at a much lower price. The Biosteps 10 uses a cross flow design that traps and processes more debris at high flow rates resulting in superior mechanical and biological filtration compared to sponge type filters. Matala rates the Biosteps filter as suitable for up to 10,000 litre fish ponds or 5,000 litre Koi ponds and multiple filters can be used on larger ponds. The Matala filter media used inside the Biosteps filter won’t clog up like foam filters do and can therefore go much longer between cleaning intervals. The Biosteps 10 filter is easily cleaned using its sludge drain and by removing and shaking muck off the pads or rinsing with a bucket of pond water. Other features of the Matala Biosteps 10 pond filter include built in over flow protection, a sloped bottom with extra sink at outlet for draining, modular design and rugged construction. It can also be buried into the ground up to its outlet allowing it to be easily hidden. The filter comes complete with multi stage hose tails for use with 25-40mm pond hose and a 50mm outlet that can be used with pond hose or pvc pipe. Optimal flow through is 4000 lph. This model Matala Biosteps 10 biological filter is supplied with an 18W UVC clarifier.

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