Matala Filter Media – Black Half Sheet

Matala Black Half Sheet Filter Media Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Matala Black Half Sheet Filter Media Clearwater Lakes and PondsMatala filter media - Black half sheet  - yGCMh9j4T3ydCf4UBB4D_m4LwavXgbcv6KKVP9zfvsfQMatala filter media - Black half sheet  - g7Qiq6nJShSvKkyfOChL_matala_filter_pad_feature_image



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Matala Filter Media

Black Matala filter media can be used as a support grate for other layers of media due to its sturdy and open design. Black Matala is used widely for filtering out large particles. A single layer can filter out leaves, large clumps of algae, cigarette butts, seed pods, etc. When multiple layers are used it can filter out smaller particles like fish food, algae, leaves, plant debris, etc. A single layer of Black will slow down and trap large particles and hair algae. Each additional layer will trap smaller and smaller particles without clogging. That’s the big advantage to Matala filter media, when used correctly, it can hold large amounts of debris without clogging. Black Matala is used for waste water treatment, sewage systems, municipal waste water treatment plants, aquaculture filtration systems, Koi pond filters and pond filtration. The open flow configuration allows high volumes of dirty water to pass through without clogging and the beneficial bacteria growing on the Matala filter media form thick bio films in an oxygenated environment with even flow distribution. When black Matala filter media is used for mechanical / solids filtering, you can use a garden hose to spray them clean. If you want to retain the beneficial bacteria then you should clean by shaking and hitting the mat against a hard surface and rinsing off with pond water. Matala filter mats are very easy to clean.

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