Vertex 1/3hp Compressor

Vertex 1/3hp Compressor Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Vertex 1/3hp Compressor Clearwater Lakes and Ponds

1/3hp Single Cylinder 230V Brookwood Compressor, vibration feet and filter/muffler 2.5CFM 35PSI

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Vertex 1/3hp Compressor

Vertex aeration systems use the Brookwood compressor which features SafeStart technology to allow for full pressure restarts. Brookwood compressors have the highest flow rate of any compressor in its class and are oil free meaning no lubrication is required.  All compressors come with thermal overload protection and a superior piston design provides greater pressure, quieter operation and longer life than other compressors.  You can expect a Brookwood compressor to have 2-4 times the duty cycle of competing brands.


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