Vertex 1/3hp XL2 AIR 1 Australian Standard Shallow Water Aeration System

Vertex 1/3hp XL2 AIR 1 Australian Standard Shallow Water Aeration System Clearwater Lakes and Ponds
Vertex 1/3hp XL2 AIR 1 Australian Standard Shallow Water Aeration System Clearwater Lakes and Ponds

XL2 can aerate approximately 1-2 acres depending on shape, slope, oxygen demand and other factors. A 1/3hp (0.25kW) Brookwood SafeStart compressor, housed in our rustproof aluminum outdoor cabinet, feeds a bottom mounted CoActive AirStation with twin self cleaning disks utilizing Vertex’s MicronBubble technology. The system has a tested pumping capability of up to 19,305 litres per minute.

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Vertex 1/3hp AIR1 Aeration System

1/3 hp Vertex Air1 XL2 aeration system built to Australian electrical standards with  1 x twin MicronBubble diffuser disc air station for shallow water applications.
Vertex Waterfeatures have been manufacturing lake bed aeration systems for decades and their aeration systems are considered the world’s best for very good reason.  Vertex membrane diffusers have been independently tested and proven to outperform other makes and makes and models of air diffusers.  Their MicronBubble technology produces a superfine bubble that increase oxygen transfer and lifting rates significantly. Diffuser discs have self-clearing flexible membrane openings that prevent clogging in even the dirtiest of dams.  In marine or extreme conditions a Teflon coated diffuser can be used.
Vertex air diffuser discs are housed on a plastic base that has been engineered to produce maximum air lift and water circulation.  The base of the AirStation has been designed to be used in muddy, earthen dams or dam liners.  Vertex have sold over 50,000 discs without a single plugged up or blown out membrane!  All Vertex AirStations have a five year replacement guarantee.
Vertex aeration systems use the Brookwood compressor which features SafeStart technology to allow for full pressure restarts. Brookwood compressors have the highest flow rate of any compressor in its class and are oil free meaning no lubrication is required.  All compressors come with thermal overload protection and a superior piston design provides greater pressure, quieter operation and longer life than other compressors.  You can expect a Brookwood compressor to have 2-4 times the duty cycle of competing brands.
Vertex’s Brookwood compressors are housed in a QuietAir cabinet.  Each cabinet is constructed of aluminium and then powder coated to improve durability and aesthetics. Ventilation grills and fans are utilized for cooling purposes and every cabinet has a lock and key for easy access while increasing security.  QuietAir cabinets are mounted to a light weight, heavy duty mounting pad making them easy to install on any surface.
Vertex diffused aeration systems are ‘plug and play’ meaning they simply plug into a regular power point.  Don’t forget to work out how much Vertex Bottomline aeration tubing you need when choosing your aeration system.


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