Vitastim Ammonia Assimilator 3.79L

Vitastim Ammonia Assimilator 3.79L - VSAMASS3.79 - xaRnNpiPRLqtAoPcXSZ2_VitaStim-Ammonia-Assimilator-Left-257x300
Vitastim Ammonia Assimilator 3.79L - VSAMASS3.79 - xaRnNpiPRLqtAoPcXSZ2_VitaStim-Ammonia-Assimilator-Left-257x300


Product Description

Vitastim Ammonia Assimilator

Nitrification can quickly drop from toxicity or cold conditions resulting in high ammonia levels in wastewater systems. In many cases not only does the high ammonia cause issues for the treatment plant, if levels are higher than approved discharge limits then you may be risking heavy fines. Vitastim Nitrifiers and Ammonia Assimilator are formulated to drop ammonia levels fast.

These products function best in aquatic systems with sufficient levels of dissolved oxygen, pH and alkalinity. They can be used in applications such as wastewater, refineries, rendering plants, aquaculture, ornamental dams and any aquatic system experiencing high ammonia levels.

These super concentrated products are combined to provide rapid recovery from any upset to nitrification, to improve nitrification in existing systems at any time or for quick start ups of new systems. The combination of products is most effective because the biostimulants and heterotrophic cultures in Vitastim Ammonia Assimilator work with the highly concentrated Vitastim Nitrifiers to produce the highest and fastest growth rates of nitrifying bacteria. This combination of products removes ammonia using two different mechanisms making sure it is removed quickly and full nitrification is restored.

These products contain high amounts of active nitrifying bacteria including Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira, Nitrobacter and heterotrophic Nitrifiers at the highest concentration in the industry. They also contain powerful micro-nutrients to boost the growth and reproduction of the nitrifying bacteria.

Nitrifying Bacteria In Action

Check out what these products did in a green waste facility wastewater pond






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