Sludge Reduction


Sludge Reduction Treatment

As a body of water ages, it gets more and more organic sludge building up on the bottom.  Depending on the type of water body (e.g tank or lagoon), this can come from a wastewater treatment process, runoff, leaves, fish food/waste, grass cuttings or bird waste; especially ducks. Left untreated, a thick black sludge will build up that can cause problems by increasing turbidity, BOD and nutrients; reducing the water holding capacity, creating rotten egg like odours and becoming a food source for algae or weeds.  Dredging out this organic sludge can be expensive but it can also be treated more cost effectively using beneficial ‘sludge eating’ bacteria and oxygen.
Our natural, biological products can target the sludge directly by releasing bacteria, enzymes and micro-nutrients that will produce a rapid increase of sludge eating microbes who are hungry and need to be fed so they go to work consuming the organic material, muck and sediment that builds up on the bottom.  The bacteria that do this are aerobic meaning they like a lot of oxygen so you will get the best result using them in aerated water but they are still effective on their own.


Sludge Reduction Products

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