“Having battled algae for years in my 2.5 megalitre dam, in mid-2015 I purchased a tiny, inexpensive 1/3hp Vertex compressor and twin diffuser from Clearwater Lakes & Ponds.

The unit has run trouble-free 24/7 ever since, very significantly retarded the appearance of summer algae and greatly reduced our chemical usage. As a result, CWLP are my first port of call for water treatment solutions.”

I have known Scott for nearly 10 years and know him to be one of the most knowledgeable and hardworking people in the industry. Not just on a local level but on a global level. He is extremely dedicated and passionate about water and all things related to it. I have no doubt that he will be extremely successful as a Lake Management consultant and build up a loyal client base. His customer care skills and after sales service are second to none meaning that anyone who employees Scott to carry out work can be assured that they will be employing one of the most respected people in the industry.

Over the past eight years, Scott has helped our team on many an occasion through the provision of advice and training on the various aspects of water quality, water treatment, and the equipment required for the same. His background in aquaculture has been an enormous advantage to our business, and the training he has provided our staff has helped us become the leader in water feature design/construction in Australia. We will continue to work with Scott on all future projects which require a more detailed understanding of the marine eco system and the various factors affecting its behaviour.

Scott has a deep understanding of the factors influencing water quality in lakes at the chemical, biological and physical levels. This knowledge, and experience in applying the latest technologies in lake management, places Scott Tucker at the forefront of lake management in Australia.

I have been dealing with Scott for over 6 years, with my work in residential ponds. I have relied on Scott to answer any questions and problems that I have thrown at him, however complex. Through training sessions and on-the-spot advice, Scott has helped me develop my skills with the workings of pond systems, from pump selection to filtration and additives. Since moving to Cairns, Scott has helped me learn about larger systems, such as lakes and dams, which are prominent in our resorts, restaurants, golf courses and wildlife parks. Scott has been a great help and I wish him the very best

I have known Scott Tucker since 2004. From the outset I was impressed with Scott’s enthusiasm, professionalism and product knowledge. Over the next couple I years I also learned that he is an excellent communicator. I have attended several training and knowledge gathering seminars conducted by Scott and have always found them to be both enjoyable and highly instructive. Scott has also continued to develop his own knowledge and skills, particularly in the area of water management as it applies to large ponds and lakes. I am delighted to learn that the industry will now have direct access to his expertise in this field.

Scott was very helpful.

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